Expert Witness/Consultant

Tom Spector, PhDAs Chief Scientific Officer of Adherex Thechnologies, International Vice President of Cancer Research at Glaxo Wellcome (now GSK) and Associate Division Director of Experimental Therapy at Burroughs Wellcome, Dr. Spector worked closely with all branches of drug development, including toxicology, clinical research, clinical pharmacology, marketing, regulatory, patents, analytical chemistry, process chemistry, and pharmaceutical formulations. He has also had interactions with the FDA to advance the development of drug candidates. He is available to serve as an expert pharmaceutical witness and/or consultant for legal cases.

Dr. Spector’s critical eye, investigative mind, and lucid testimony make him a compelling expert witness for pharmaceutical litigation cases.
(2003 cancer drug development conflict)

Dr. Spector did the bulk of the work. He was invaluable for forming the case.”
(2007 major antiviral patent challenge)

Dr. Spector:

  • Thoroughly researches the claims and the data
  • Consults with your legal team to help develop the case
  • Produces unshakable expert reports of manuscript quality
  • Creates graphs, charts, and other visual aids to support his testimony
  • Presents clear, easily understood, and convincing testimony

Areas of Expertise:

✓ General Drug Development
Preclinical Studies and Clinical Trials for many therapeutic areas
Patent Challenges
✓ Oncology Specialty
Chemotherapy, Cancer Drugs, Cancer Treatments, and Treatments for Drug Side-Effects
✓ Virology Specialty
Antiviral Agents, AIDS, HIV, Herpes, Shingles, and CMV

For a dedicated expert witness or legal consultant with over 30 years experience in drug discovery and development,
contact Dr. Spector
(919) 489-0516