Tom receiving his 21-Year Service Award from Nobel Prize Laureate,
Dr. Gertrude “Trudy” Elion, at Burroughs Wellcome


  • Chief Scientific Officer (2009-2013)
    Adherex Technologies (now Fennec Pharma)
  • President (1997-present)
    Spector Consulting Services
  • International Vice President Cancer Research (1995-1997)
    GlaxoWellcome (now GSK)
  • Adjunct Professor (1973-2001)
    University of North Carolina Dept. Pharmacology
  • Assoc. Div. Director Experimental Therapy (1972-1995)
    Burroughs Wellcome
  • Postdostoral Fellow (1970-1972)
    University of Michigan Dept. Biological Chemistry
  • PhD Graduate (1967-1970)
    Yale University Dept. Pharmacology

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Dr. Spector has extensive experience in drug discovery, drug development, and clinical research.
He has broad-based experience in many therapeutic areas,
with specialties in cancer therapies and antiviral agents.
He has served as an expert witness and legal consultant for major court cases.
He is a highly skilled medical writer.

Contact Dr. Spector
(919) 489-0516